In the modern world, pre-employment medical check-ups have become immensely popular. As a matter of fact, this type of check-up is a prerequisite for many organizations and as a norm, is usually one of the last steps before anyone officially picks up a position.

For most individuals, this kind of check-up tends to be quite a mystery since it is not outlined in any labor law and as such lacks meaning. However, for an employer, such a check-up is considered as being of utmost importance.

Why is a pre-employment medical assessment carried out?

Well, there are quite a number of reasons as to why this type of test is carried out prior to an individual taking up a position. The following is an overview of some of the top reasons as to why this is carried out;

Assessing the overall health of an individual

Every employer wants to employ an individual who is fit and has the capacity to carry to carry out all that is entailed within the job scope. By carrying out a pre-employment medical examination, an employer can be able to ascertain the physical condition of an individual and in doing so be aware of the capacity of an individual.


Reduction of work cover claims

In almost all working environments, there are usually occupational hazards which can pose a health risk over time. There is usually the possibility of an employee developing a health condition due to an occupational hazard and as a norm companies have to offer some form of compensation. To safeguard themselves, most companies usually prefer a medical assessment be carried out before an individual is employed so as to be able to shield themselves from fraudulent compensation claims for pre-existing medical conditions.

Job delegation

By ascertaining the overall health of an individual, an employer is better placed to understand what an individual can comfortable handle and in doing so, select the right environment and job scope

Medical assessments are also carried out to ensure that an individual is physically fit and also to match the capacity of the employee to the role.

How is the medical assessment carried out?

As a norm, an individual is given a specific date and time for the medical assessment. The assessment usually incorporates quite a number of tests some of which include

Physical test

The weight and height are usually taken and used to calculate the BMI index and consequently determine if an individual is physically fit

Cardiovascular examination

Determines the function of the cardiovascular system and most specifically heart function

Visual and audiometry tests

To determine the visual and hearing ability of an individual. This test is commonly carried out in environments where there is a lot of noise or where one will be using headphones for prolonged periods of time


hdhdd874For diabetes and kidney functionality. However, some employers might use this test for drug testing. For individuals who might have a previous history of drug use or even taken some alcohol a few days before the test, this can be a tricky situation. This is due to the simple fact that drugs take prolonged periods of time to clear off from the body system completely and as such, there is always the possibility that they can s how up during the test. If you are in such a predicament, it can be a good idea to make use of synthetic urine during the test. On this article, you will learn more about synthetic pee.

Some of the other tests that are usually carried out include musculoskeletal assessment and respiratory examination.