In recent times meditation is becoming popular and gaining mainstream acceptance as a reliable and excellent preventive health program. A while back it was perceived to be an ancient practice utilized by monks in Indian mountains. Today it has become a norm in several nations, and everyone from all walks of life is benefiting from the incredible results of daily meditation. Meditation is an alternative therapy that has been proven to provide a broad range of health benefits. A lot of doctors and hospitals are supporting the practice of meditation as it is a fantastic stress reliever and it is also used to improve health issues ranging from cardiovascular diseases, inflammation and immune activity, to depression, anxiety, pain and mental imbalances. Below are some health benefits of meditation:

It relieves stressgffgjghkhglhjl
Meditation provides positive psychological changes that are associated with increased telomerase which is an enzyme that is essential for the longevity of cells at the DNA level. When there is an existence of positive cellular health, it is believed to be created by the ability of a person to handle stress well and maintain an excellent psychological wellbeing.

If a person practices meditation regularly it enables him/her to access a point of consciousness whereby his/her mind and body start to heal. When you are able to reach and stay within this meditative state through frequent practice the numerous health improvement, you will begin to experience include less pain and stress, better mental and emotional stability, increased energy, better sleep and sleep patterns and easy breathing because of increased lung and heart efficiency.

Decreased anger
Usually, anger is not a pleasant experience that you would want to experience. Scientists are beginning to see the relationship between anger and ill-health. The way stress distorts the body system is the same way anger does. Although stress and anger may be two different emotions, it has been proven that they exhibit the same negative effects on the body. When we find mental stillness even for a short period, we break the cycle because we are able to let go hence releasing a lot of negativity from our systems.

Increased happiness
hjghjhfhfhfdhdMeditation helps increase our happiness generally. In life, at any point in time, we usually have a certain set point of happiness which is a kind of happiness in the home level. We usually go up and down from this set point. Meditation often raises this set point whereby the more you meditate, the happier you will be. You will experience that your highs will become higher and your lows will also be higher. Don’t you think this is a fantastic and impressive fact? Personally, I believe that it is.