Drug tests usually use urine samples to detect any presence of drug substances especially marijuana. Drugs stay longer in urine with marijuana taking an average of two months. Hence, Drug users typically look for fake pee to help them pass the drug test. Synthetic urine is laboratory urine mainly used to cheat in drug tests or urinalysis. Keep on reading this article to know more about synthetic urine.


Uses of synthetic urine

The intake of drugs such as marijuana has fluctuated in the recent years. Most employers require applicants to undergo a drug test before they employ them. Employers also do random drug tests on employees. Thus, it is no wonder that fake pee has become highly popular in the recent years. Fake pee is highly sought after by people who are reluctant in quitting their drug habits but still want to get a job or keep their current one. Other than in drug tests, it is also used as an animal repellant, in product testing, and as alternative medicine. Let us focus on its effectiveness in drug tests.

Does it really work?

If you are considering using synthetic urine, then this is the most important question. The fact is that you need to buy the best synthetic urine then follow all the instructions. If you do so, you are almost certain that you will pass the drug test.


You need to be keen on the brand of synthetic urine you decide to use. If cheap, you might pass in a cheap lab, but if it is in an expensive lab, you will get busted. Even with a quality brand, you might get caught if you are not keen on the expiry date and temperature. If it has expired or it is about to expire, the urine will not work. Normal urine leaves the body at around 97 degrees Fahrenheit. Urine tests test for temperature. If the synthetic urine temperature is below that of normal urine, then it raises questions. When you go for the drug test, find a way of keeping the urine at the right temperature.


INGREDIENTS A product’s ingredients determine whether it works or not. If you want to use synthetic urine, then you must look out for the ingredients. The key concept is for it to be like normal urine in terms of Ph, odor, color, gravity, composition, and other normal urine features.


The levels of creatinine in the synthetic urine should not be below 15Mg per body weight Kg. Otherwise, it will be like diluted normal urine. The gravity of synthetic urine is the density and concentration of solids in comparison to water.


Normal urine has a particular odor and a yellowish color. Quality fake pee must have the same.


Urea is a major part of normal urine. It is the component that is used to differentiate genuine urine from a fake one. Urea must be present for synthetic urine to seem genuine.


Fake pee should have a pH ranging from 4.6 to 8. This is the pH of normal urine. thus for fake pee to work, it must be consistent with that.